agnès b. CAFÉ presents: Celebrate Chinese New Year in French Chic Style
06 Jan 2020

The Year of the Rat is nearly here, it's the best time of the year to express your feelings to the ones you love. To celebrate this special occasion, agnès b. CAFÉ rounded up some of the best sweet treats and gifts to indulge in, snap up some of these awesome goodies below.

Crack a Fortune Cookie, Wish for Prosperity

To embrace the Chinese New Year spirit, agnès b. CAFÉ debuted the Fortune Cookie, highlighting the gorgeous festive red packaging with the unique vanilla flavor. Each fortune cookie comes with an uplifting message and saying, shares the cookies with your friends and family to spread happiness, prosperity and luck.

Fortune Cookie

agnès b. DÉLICES festive chocolate gifts

Enjoy this delicious assortment of chocolates with loved ones for an extra sweet Lunar New Year celebration. Nicely wrapped in red and gold for prosperity and luck, agnès b. DÉLICES ’assorted chocolates make the perfect host gift or dessert for Lunar New Year celebrations.

HK$128 (9pcs)
HK$188 (15pcs)

agnès b. special blend tea

agnès b. signature coffee blend

(from left to right)
Napolitains chocolate gift box
HK$190 (12pcs)
HK$280 (18pcs)
HK$380 (28pcs)

Chocolate dragée gift box (Nougatine square in dark chocolate/ Cocoa dusted gianduja coated almond) HK$160

Milk chocolate gold coins HK$168

Chocolate assortment gift box

agnès b. CAFÉ Chinese New Year hampers

Celebrate the New Year with these luxurious gift hampers of delicious gourmet treats. Pairing with Champagne Brut NV, Louis de Sacy with chocolates, the festive hampers below can surely satisfy your tastebuds with alluring accents during the holiday season.

Lots of Luck

Golden Fortune

Lunar Blessings

Lasting Happiness