agnès b. CAFÉ's Gelato Flavours

When it comes to summer, what’s the best solution for beating the summer heat? agnès b. CAFÉ brings you 5 new delicious gelato flavours, include Vanilla, Chocolate, hazelnut, Fig and White Chocolate & Raspberry. 


Vanilla Gelato  

Despite its smoothness and thickness, aromatic vanilla seed and soft texture will wander on your taste buds. 

Chocolate Gelato  

Smooth with delicate in texture of chocolate, the rich, milk-chocolate taste brings you a low-key happiness.  


Hazelnut Gelato  

Crisp and delicious sweet hazelnut, with endless surprises in every bite. 

Fig Gelato  

With a delicate scent, the seeds of fig mix into creamy texture, creates a fresh and smooth taste. 

White Chocolate & Raspberry Gelato

Combining sweet white chocolate and raspberry flavours, this delightful fruity taste evokes a heady sense of summer.