Dazzling Moon Party - “Turn It On”: agnès b. CAFÉ Launches a Spectacular Collection of Mooncakes
02 Aug 2019

It’s that time of year when the moon is at its roundest – Counting down to this year spectacular full moon party with family and friends, moon gazing while enjoying the sweet taste of mooncakes. To celebrate the mid-autumn festival, agnès b. launches a sensational collection of palm-sized sweets mooncakes, with 4 new enticing flavours alongside with all-time favourite classic egg custard filling. With its “b. green” concept in mind, the design of the mooncake box is a reusable mooncake lantern, presented in gorgeous fuchsia or humble olive green box.
Apart from the signature sumptuous delicacies, a collection of stylish hampers containing a vast array of deluxe gourmet are also available for your “Moon Party”. These thoughtfully curated hampers alongside with a handwritten note from agnès “belle fête de la lune” ( Happy mid-autumn festival) and “J’aime la lune” ( I love moon) in French are the perfect gifts at joyous family reunion and memorable gatherings. Enjoy a 10% off early bird offer from until 25 August 2019.

A Sweet and Chic Celebration with 6 Mooncake Flavour

Deviating from the traditional shape of the mooncakes containing calorific Chinese staples such as lotus seed paste and salty egg yolks, agnès b mooncakes are enclosed in modern-shape with a unique blend of chocolate and delightful flavours, bringing the most heartfelt blessings to you and your loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Classic Custard Collection
Featuring a delicate pastry encasing a rich custard filling made from duck eggs, the delectable classic egg custard mooncake is one of the most popular flavours that doesn’t make the mistake of being too sweet. The mocha-infused custard mooncake is an elegant twist that balances mocha notes with smooth custard.

Classic egg custard mooncake Mocha with custard mooncake

Nutty Chocolate Collection
This unique composition of pistachio blends perfectly with agnès b. CAFÉ dark chocolate paste, promising an unprecedented taste experience. The sweet combination of crunchy nuts and silky smooth milk chocolate delivers a pure satisfaction in every bite, make it perfect for nutty fans.

Pistachio with dark chocolate mooncake

Almond with milk chocolate mooncake

Fruity Chocolate Collection
Most things are the better for having a splash of fruity flavour, and mooncakes are surprisingly no exception. The freshness of strawberry balances the bitterness of dark chocolate, while a citrus scent from yuzu harmonises perfectly with the rich dark chocolate.

Strawberry with dark chocolate mooncake Yuzu with dark chocolate mooncake

Reusable Enchanting Mooncake Lantern

Agnès loves the moon and Bengal rose – this year the selection of Mid-Autumn delicious flavours are packed in a fuchsia color mooncake box in Bengal rose, Agnès’s favourite flowers, which were planted in her backyard garden. Alternatively, opt for the olive green (2 pieces) mooncake gift box that reflects agnès b.’s French chic style.

Apart from the romantic Parisian colour, these mooncake boxes are designed as a lantern that gives a contemporary spin on the traditional mooncake gift box. Inspired by agnès b. on Rue Dieu in France, the doors of the lantern with cut-out detail channel the brand’s sophisticated style and capture the feeling of coming back home. Designed with a built-in warm-toned light, ‘turn it on’ and it will magically lit up your beautiful moon party with friends and family. Rooted in our “b. green” brand vision, the mooncake box is perfect to be reused for storing all your favourite treasures after the festival is over, which fulfils the “upcycling” concept.

Indulge in Delectable Delicacies at Moon Parties

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival means indulging in delectable mooncakes while gazing at the moon. Pick your favourite from our mooncake giftboxes collection, and share with your loved ones.

Classy Delights (2pcs) HKD$220/box
• Nutty chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)

Fruity Obsession (2pcs) HK$ 220/box
• Fruity chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)

Autumn Breeze (4pcs) HK$320/box
• Classic custard collections (2pcs per flavour)

Wholehearted Blessing (4pcs) HK$ 390/box
• Nutty chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)
• Fruity chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)

Moon Palace (6pcs) HK$ 490/box
• Classic custard collections (1pc per flavour)
• Nutty chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)
• Fruity chocolate collections (1pc per flavour)

Thoughtfully Curated Hampers for Your Loved Ones

The agnès b. Hamper Collection is an elegant gift for anyone to celebrate on abundance, peace and prosperity during mid-autumn festival. Express your love with these fabulously designed hampers, each curated with a selection of agnès b. sumptuous delicacies.

Tasteful Indulgence Blissful Harmony Full Moon Blessing
HK$1,580 HK$2,080 HK$2,580