A Floral Brew: Agnes b. Café Presents Laure-Hélène Vaudier's “L'heure du Café” Flower-Themed Coffees Paired with an Acclaimed New Collection
19 Oct 2018
As autumn returns with temperate style, agnès b. proudly presents an eye-catching collection for its winter series, designed by the young and outstanding French illustrator, Laure-Hélène Vaudier. Channelling her unique style with romantic tones and soft textures, agnès b. Café (under the lifestyle brand HAPPY b.) launches “L'heure du Café” from 19 October to 30 November with four distinct flower-themed coffees inspired by this rich collection.
The talented and unconventional Laure-Hélène Vaudier comes from France's St Etienne, known as the city of design. This season's collaboration series is driven by soft colours to evoke a gentle, romantic feel with smooth and flowing textures. Named after its partnering coffee, each piece of clothing is adorned with a different poppy flower pattern to proudly celebrate the charm of French femininity. Presenting an elegant juxtaposition, the exterior expresses bright colours and gentle appeal that hints at a mysterious, warm inner side that celebrates strong and elegant personalities.
To create an atmosphere of pure romance, agnès b. Café has unveiled the “L'heure du Café” concept in Hong Kong by launching four exquisite flower-themed coffees. The timeless joy of French leisure is a perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, with each coffee carrying a bold aroma and chic style. Each cup has its own personality and is presented with two original coasters printed with romantic and elegant enamel flower patterns during the "Le Jardin Café de Pavot" period. Through the art form of fashion design and delighting the taste buds, the unique French temperament and vision of Laure-Hélène Vaudier comes to life.

Elderflower Café-Crème  HK$46
Robe Café-Crème
This deeply robust brew is accented by elderflower and honey, balancing the coffee’s natural acidity with subtle, sweet notes. Served with fragrant rosemary to express a sleek and feminine feel.
Rose & Earl Grey Tea Latte  HK$46
Pull Maya
Adding fragrant roses and Earl Grey tea to the coffee elevates its flavour to a whole new level. The rose petal topping creates a beautiful and moving vision of flowers blowing gently in the wind.

Cinnamon Vanilla Café-au-lait  HK$46
Chemise Galao
This delicate coffee combines a touch of vanilla with a sprinkle of freshly ground cinnamon, delivering a fragrant sweetness that awakens the taste buds. The smooth, sweet notes evoke comfort and a touch of feminine personality.

Hazelnut Mocha  HK$46
Manteau Mokka
Hazelnut and coffee is a match made in heaven, with each aroma elevating the other to new heights of appreciation. Topped with a layer of cocoa powder and shredded glutinous rice grains to express full, bold flavour fit for strong and wilful personalities.
With timeless vision and fragrant style, agnès b. Café’s "L'heure du Café" is the perfect respite for Hong Kongers looking for an elegant and delectable escape from the city.