Run to Charm: Agnès b. CAFÉ Launches Ladies Run Charity Drink, Pink Fizzy
07 Oct 2018
In full support of the first "agnès b. Hong Kong Ladies Run 2018” (jointly hosted with the RunOurCity Foundation), agnès b. CAFÉ under the HAPPY b. lifestyle brand launches a special drink, the delightful Pink Fizzy, to support charitable giving and event participants from 6 October to 30 November.
Pink Fizzy
Step into a vibrant autumn with agnès b. CAFÉ for a gorgeous new taste. Combining fresh pink grapefruit with tropical pineapple, the fizzy carbonated water harmonises both flavours to create a layered, delicious and thirst-quenching drink that defines autumn cool.
The original cup sleeve was specially printed with a gorgeous illustration by local designer Steven Choi, using hand-painted watercolours to express the elegance of women in motion. Beyond its stunning aesthetic value, Choi’s piece also brings out the dynamic beauty of women with confidence and strength.

Give Love in the Spirit of Charity
Always aiming to develop the "Give Love" spirit, agnès b. continues to promote care and consideration throughout greater society. This year's Ladies Run event is a great example of effort and generosity. Each cup of Pink Fizzy will go towards the RunOurCity Foundation's "Street Run Boys" programme and the Heart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation’s "All-Life Support" programme. The RunOurCity Foundation aims to provide professional and systematic street-running training for young people, developing their interest in long-distance running while cultivating the marathon spirit of never giving up. The "All-round Life Support" programme is designed to provide bereavement counselling services and growth workshops for widowed women and their single-parent children, helping them to overcome difficult times and regain their daily lives in the face of life’s many challenges.
Date: Oct 6 - Nov 30, 2018
Locations: All agnès b. CAFÉ (Except K11 RDM)
Price: $49