HAPPY b. Presents a Spectacular Collection of Mooncakes
19 Jul 2018
As one of Hong Kong’s most beloved times of year, mid-autumn festival is all about family gatherings and enchanting reunions under a full moon. It is also a time for delectable celebration and beauty as HAPPY b., the lifestyle brand under agnès b., presents a premium range of original mooncakes, gift boxes, floral arrangements and festive hampers available for pre-order from 19 July 2018, delivering a glowing and joyous mid-autumn festival to Hong Kong. 10% early bird offer will be available from 19 July until 31 August 2018.
A Slice of Delight with HAPPY b.’s Original Mooncake Flavours
Crafted with love and quality in every bite, the HAPPY b. Mooncake Collection is a harmony between contemporary flair and time-honoured tradition.
Classic Custard Collection
Classic egg custard mooncake
Earl grey with custard mooncake
Nutty Chocolate Collection
Pistachio with dark chocolate mooncake
Macadamia nuts with milk chocolate mooncake
Fruity Chocolate Collection
Tea & passion fruit dark chocolate mooncake
Ginger & orange dark chocolate mooncake
The Gift Box that Keeps on Giving
For mooncake fans who enjoy a range of delightful flavours, the HAPPY b. Mooncake Gift Box Collection combines a range of original mooncakes, beautifully packaged and presented with a pair of gorgeous and stylish gifts. Inspired by agnès b. on Rue Dieu Grids in France, these gift boxes channel the brand’s sophisticated style and capture the feeling of coming back home. A candle holder will be included in both Moonlit Hug and Glow of Love mooncake gift boxes, while a gorgeous b. lapin metallic figure, the signature of agnès b. DÉLICES brand, will be included in the Glow of Love mooncake gift box, sure to bring a smile to all guests.
Petite Pleasure mooncake gift box (2pcs)
Moonlit Hug mooncake gift box (4pcs)
Glow of Love mooncake gift box (6pcs)
Flower Up the Mooncake Gift Box Collection
Red piano in jewelry box with etite Pleasure mooncake gift box (2pcs) 
Newsflash rose bouquet with Moonlit Hug mooncake gift box (4pcs)
Legend rose flower arrangement  with Moonlit Hug mooncake gift box (4pcs)
Kahala rose flower arrangement with Moonlit Hug mooncake gift box (4pcs)
Fabulous Hampers for the Full Moon Gourmand
Autumn delights 
Autumn indulgence
Gorgeous moonlight
Full moon blessing