agnès b. DÉLICES invites you to savour the heavenly pleasures of real French Chocolate.
With the passion on pursuing the most exceptional chocolate couvertures, agnès b. DÉLICES master chocolatier has travelled around the world to select the best cocoa beans, using the finest varieties of cocoa, to create masterpiece of chocolates, each with irresistible aromatic characteristics and high quality, the delicate taste is so complete that you could have hardly ever encountered before.

  • Truffle chocolate gift box (12pcs): HK$390
  • Truffle chocolate gift box (18pcs): HK$560
Blond Truffle
Brandy Truffle
Hazelnut Truffle
Rum Truffle
Crunchy Truffle
Caramel Truffle

  • Bonbon chocolate gift box (9pcs): HK$210
  • Bonbon chocolate gift box (16pcs): HK$360
  • Bonbon chocolate gift box (28pcs): HK$590
Earl Grey
Jasmine Tea
Salted Caramel
Mocha Coffee
Rum Coconut
Crêpe Dentelle
Banana Passionfruit
Grand cru - abinao 85%
Grand cru - guanaja 70%
Grand cru - ghana 68%
Grand cru - Brazil 62%

  • Mendiant (100gram): HK$160
  • Mendiant gift box (330gram): HK$490
  • Mendiant gift box (500gram): HK$700
Low sugar dark chocolate with mixed nuts
Dark chocolate with mixed nuts
Dark chocolate with sea salt macadamia nuts
Low sugar dark chocolate with pistachio

  • Napolitains chocolate gift box (12pcs): HK$190
  • Napolitains assorted chocolate gift box (18pcs): HK$280
  • Napolitains assorted chocolate gift box (28pcs): HK$380
37% milk chocolate
64% dark chocolate
72% dark chocolate
85% dark chocolate